The Popular Game of Bingo

The known place of origin of Bingo is Italy during the 16th century. Bingo is a game like that of lottery and it migrated to France during the late 18th century. There is no certainty as to how and when did bingo arrived in North America.

In 1929, Ed Lowe, a toy manufacturer, seen a version of the game that is played in the area of Jacksonville, Georgia. Lowe returned to New York and polished the game and called it "Beano", and later the name was changed into Bingo.

During the 1930's, Beano parlors are successful in California and the operation of the game moved to Reno, Nevada in 1946, where it develop to be Harrah's casino. Harrah's casino was then known as the "The House that Bingo Built".

Bingo became a very popular game immediately all over the United States and thousands of people played the game weekly. Since then, bingo is already found almost anywhere in the world as well as on the Internet also.

Each game of bingo has a winning card, therefore the winning chances of a bingo player is dependent on the number of cards involved in a game and how many cards the player is playing at that time. An example is that if a player is playing six cards in a bingo game and the total cards played are 600, the player's chance of winning is one out of 100.

Bingo is absolutely a game of luck but there are ways that can be done to bend the edge to your benefit and be a consistent bingo winner. Each bingo game is following a certain pattern. You can have the chance of beating the bingo edge if you utilize these patterns. The center of any winning system in bingo is the card selection.

Bingo cards normally contain 24 numbers in 25 squares leaving the center square empty. If you are going to select three cards, you will have a sum of 72 numbered points. If ever these cards are randomly chosen, you will be able to get only 40 to 50 unique numbers and the other 20 or 30 numbers are duplicates of what are on the other cards.

This situation lessens your winning odds. You should try choosing bingo cards that have as many unique numbers as possible from the other cards. With these kinds of cards, it will easier for you to keep track of all the numbers called out since you have only one bingo card that contains the called out number.

With more unique numbers on your card, the winning odds are higher on your part and will definitely swing the edge towards your direction a little bit.

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