Understanding Bingo Game

A first time bingo player may find bingo game confusing. But bingo game is in fact one of the most loved games of all player levels. It does not require one to be a professional to play this game. The only skill required is alertness to find the numbers electronically drawn to match with the numbers found in your bingo card based from the pre-determined pattern.

To understand the game, the basic rules should be learned by the first time bingo player. Bingo game is generally a game of luck that does not require other skills aside from alertness to find the numbers printed in the bingo card that match with the drawn numbers based from the winning pattern as determined prior the game begins.

Each player is issued with a 5 x 5 grid bingo card. Any player can play as much as 8 cards in each play at the same time. The first 5 horizontal spaces have the printed letters B, I, N, G, O. The rest of the spaces have a randomly selected numbers printed on each space. Exception is the center space where it is marked as Free. A determined set of numbers are assigned to belong under each letter columns and are randomly printed in a bingo card.

The player must be alert to locate in their bingo card the drawn number called associated with the determined pattern and should immediately mark it. The player must be alert to call a bingo when they have completed the pattern marked in their cards.

The winning patterns could either be any patterns or static patterns. The any patterns have multiple ways to win bingo. It could be in a specified pattern such as any vertical line pattern where matching any vertical 5 spaces in a row on your bingo card becomes a winner. Any patterns can be any horizontal line, any vertical line, any diagonal line and any arrow pattern.

The static patterns do not have multiple ways to win bingo. The pattern must be exactly matched in order to claim bingo. There are many variations that can be used as static patterns. These patterns are played in daily drawings and in jackpot games.

The numbers drawn are from 1-75 and are randomly drawn by a machine. The drawn number must coincide with the numbers found in your bingo card based from the determined pattern. It is important that the player must observe alertness to call bingo before another number is drawn to prevent forfeiture of their winnings.

Upon claiming your win, your bingo card will undergo a process of validation to ensure that you have a good bingo. The other players are then notified that it was a good bingo and your winning is confirmed. On the process of validation that your card was found to have discrepancies, your card will be returned back and the game will continue.

The thrill of the game is on the process of who will be the first to declare bingo. As the game goes on with the no one claiming bingo yet, every player are at the edge of their seat with the hope of getting their number called to merit a good bingo.

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