Bingo Chat Rooms Etiquette

Just like any other public chat room, there is a certain etiquette that a bingo chat room observes to preserve peace inside the forum. These etiquettes mostly applies to online bingo sites which simply boils down to a matter of common sense.

When conversation is made through written communication, an all capital letter word is considered as shouting thus to a certain extent perceived as a rude act. Since chat rooms is based on written communication, the manner of how you type in the words do matter a lot. However, this doesn't mean that once a person wrote an all capital letter he is a rude person. There maybe an instance while he was typing that he hit the caps key accidentally. This is act is forgivable but it is preferred that once you commit this mistake, you should follow it up with an apology (using small letters this time). This will prevent you from getting banned.

The use of foul language inside a bingo chat room is definitely unforgivable. Your being anonymous does not give you the license to ridicule and insult other people. It does not mean that just because other people really do not know you, you can do everything you want even if it is bad since you are thinking that they would not recognize yo anyway. This act is a major offense. Some moderators may ban you and will never allows you to join the chat room again. You have to observe good manners when you are inside a chat room to pay respect with other players who are there to make friends. Also bear in mind that a larger percentage of bingo player accounts the female society, so if you are a male you do not want to appear as the "ungentle man" person in the room. Be more professional when conversing with other people in the chat room.

The rule of thumb in joining a bingo chat room is that, it won;t hurt if you observe first the situation of the chat room. When you feel that the players are on the heat of arguing and throwing foul words to each other, then it will be better if you just not join the room. However, if you feel that the room is quite peaceful, then that is the time to join and make new friends. As stated earlier, even though it is just an online chat room, proper etiquette must still be observed.

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