Who's the Genius/es Behind Your Favorite Bingo?

As you play Bingo in your leisure time, you surely must have thought about the genius or maybe the geniuses behind this game. Well, your on the right track as your inquisitiveness could make you enjoy and make the most out of every Bingo event that you will be joining. So where does your curious mind take you right now? Well, you must have guess it right. We're off to memory lane way back in the 16th century.

1530 - In Italy, a new lottery was introduced, the Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia. Bingo, as many people claim, can be traced back to this famous game in Italy which right now became known as the Italian State Lottery.

1778 - Not only the Italians were mesmerized by the concept of the Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Itali. Wealthy French men were so captivated by the game from Italy. They devised another game patterned from the Italian game. The mechanics of this game was much like Bingo except for the fact that their playing cards have three horizontal and nine vertical rows. Another difference of the game from Bingo is that the winning player had to mark off the numbers on the horizontal rows only. In short, Bingo is the creative reproduction of the game as Bingo requires its players to cover a certain card pattern or even the entire rows in blackout games.

1850 - In this period, different variants of the Lotto game had been so popular. The Germans devised their own lotto game and even made use of the game's mechanics as a learning tool for German students. They made use of the lotto game to enhance the students' expertise on multiplication, spelling and history.

After learning the ancestral game of Bingo, it's now time to get to know how Bingo has reached you and many other millions of players all over the world.

1929- It was in this year that Bingo had started to spread in the United States. December 1929 when Beano, another game that was patterned from Lotto games, had been played in one of the carnivals in Georgia. The game had gathered crowds night after night until a new salesman who just put up his toy company noticed the large crowd in the brightly-lit carnival. His name is Edwin S. Lowe. Lowe became interested in Beano so he decided to play the game as he saw that it was very addicting. He also misheard the winning player shouting "Bingo!" instead of "Beano!".

After that night, Lowe could not get rid of his thoughts about the game. At his office in New York, Lowe decided to share the game to his friends who appreciated it so much. This made him decided to introduce Bingo into the American market.

A few months after the game became a hit, a priest from Pennsylvania had asked permission from Lowe so he can use Bingo as a means to raise funds for his church as it is now experiencing financial difficulties. From there, many other churches opted to use the game for charity.

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