Number Nicknames and Other Bingo Lingo

Bingo is a time-consuming game. Before a winner claims victory it would take long minutes to an hour. To remedy the boredom, some caller use number nicknames and other bingo lingo to spice up the game. Here are some to amuse us now.

In land-based bingo games, these are the terms in the bingo lingo: the number 1 is nicknamed straight, 3 is curly, 7 is ax, 8 is sexy, 9 is lucky, 11 is two straights, 13 is Friday the 13th, 15 is payday, 16 is sweet (as in sweet sixteen), 20 is 20th century, 22 is caliber, 25 is Christmas, 30 is month's end, 33 is double curly, 40 is "Life begins atů"

Other land-based number nicknames and bingo lingo also include 45 as caliber, 50 as middle age, and 75 as grandpa. Of course, other bingo parlors or halls may use other nicknames for numbers or other bingo lingo. Different bingo venues may use different bingo lingo. If we listen well enough we could easily catch up on the terminology. We may also refer to a table of terms which some bingo parlors provide.

Online bingo lingo is also interesting. In fact, it has more amusing number nicknames to boast of to make the online game more entertaining. The number 1 is nicknamed Kelly's eye or On Its Own, 8 is fat lady, 11 is legs or chicken legs, 13 is unlucky luck, 22 is two little ducks, 24 is two dozens, 44 is all fours or magnum, 45 is half-way there, 55 is all fives, 69 is naughty, and 90 is top of the shop. Notably, these bingo lingo terms have a bit of a light humorous touch designed to liven up a crowd. They often trigger chuckling and giggling in the crowd and smiley icons online.

Other bingo lingo that are non-number in nature are "front of house" which means the front desk at the reception, "early bird" is the short game that goes before the main game, and "eyes down" means the game is about to start. Another is "flyer" which is a paper ticket, "market bingo" refers to games with groceries at stake, "admission packet" is the minimum number of cards, "auto-purchase" means software for getting new cards online, and "basket bingo" for the game variant that gives out goods in baskets as jackpots.

Bingo lingo terms are quite amusing and keep us awake and alert in the game. They help us keep up and not miss a number for our big win.

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