The Unstoppable Beginnings of Bingo

The success of the all time favorite game of Bingo can be traced back on history. The fun becomes inevitable where bingo began and first appeared on the 1800s. This game is a straight successor of lottery type games that started as early as 1530 in Europe when the Italian state run game of Lo Giuoco del Lotto was organized.

This game had survived the test of time. In the middle of 1930s, long after Bingo began, has advance its way out of depression and become a big hit among Americans who are looking for distraction away from the day by day toil of living. The popularity of Bingo continues to grow rapidly. This game ends up as favorite pastime for many players. Because of the increasing numbers of people playing this game, even the church and various groups had realized the potential of this for fund raising activity.

Where Bingo began, its popularity had grown unstoppable that drives various states in the east coast to legalize this game. The state of New Jersey has legalized this game in 1950s and the state of New York followed in 1959.

Even other countries have jump onto the fast moving bandwagon of Bingo. All were taking advantage of the revenue generating opportunities from this game.

Outlining where Bingo began could exemplify how this game has evolved in the past centuries as its popularity spreads all over Europe. The mechanics of the game had also been change. But after all this time, the main objective of the game remains the same.

One of the changes of the game is that of the game card and the used of numbering. At present; it is compose of 3 horizontal rows and nine vertical columns. There are 5 numbered squares and 4 blank ones in the horizontal rows. In the past, the usual is 5x 5 grids only. And also today, we use only numbers from 1 to 75 unlike before that the numbers used were in the range of 1-90. The Objective of crossing out the vertical column and horizontal row of the card didn't change. And the player needs to have at least 5 numbers squares called before winning. In addition, the blank square remains unchanged as well. It's still marked "free". And a unique card is still given to each player. The caller is still the one to draw numbers from a bag.

Where Bingo began has marked a permanent spot in the history. Indeed, this game is a classic.

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